Outpost for Relativity from CloudNine FAQ

  • What kind of Relativity instance does it connect to?  In other words, does it have to be RelativityOne or an on-prem version or your installation of Relativity?  Or can it be any implementation?  If I do not have a Relativity instance, could you provide a demo workspace for me to see the full workflow spectrum?

Our current outpost testing is running against Relativity 9.5. While we have been told that we should have a seamless migration to Relativity One, but we have not yet been allowed access to testing proposes. We would be more than happy to provide you a sample/demo workspace to work with.


  • Does Outpost import to an ECA-optimized workspace or is that only necessary/available if using Relativity Processing console to process the data?  

Currently you choose your target destination (CloudNine Hosting or Relativity Hosting). But we are right now working on allowing you, the user, to first load into CloudNine’ s review tool, cull your documents, and then push them to your relativity server with the push of a button. We will keep you posted!


  • What if the workspace one directs Outpost to is highly customized or has existing data?

Any uploads would  only add documents to your existing workspace. For those highly customized workspace we have Outpost Field Mapping Administrative pages where you can specifically target where you want your metadata to go. Out of the box, we perform some default field mapping that work probably around 90% of the time, right out of the box. But our software does  allows for customizations.

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