How do I get started?

Please follow these steps in order to access CloudNine for the first time. 

1) Open your preferred Internet Browser and go to webpage,

2) Use the following naming convention to login (usernames and passwords are not case sensitive): 

a) Username = your email address, unless you are specifically provided a different username by your Administrator. I.e. Jim Smith’s username would be = “”

b) Password = “password”, unless you are specifically provided a different password by your Administrator. (The first time you login you will be required to change your password and select a security question and answer. The security question will be used to identify you if you contact your Administrator for support. We recommend that you change your password to something that is easy for you to remember. Your new password must be a minimum of 5-characters in length, contain upper and lowercase letters, and a special character)

3) When logged on, the current projects you are enrolled in will be displayed on the screen.

4) Mouse over the project you want to log into and click the enter bar displayed at the bottom.

5) Begin using CloudNine.

The next time you log on, go directly to your login page and type in your username and password.

If you would like additional training on the features of CloudNine, please contact your database administrator for information on attending an online class.

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