What are STOP words for Full Text Searching?

To prevent a full-text index from becoming bloated, SQL Server has a

mechanism that discards commonly occurring strings that

do not help the search. These discarded strings are called noise words / stopwords. During index creation, the Full-Text Engine

omits stopwords from the full-text index. This means that full-text queries will not search on noise words / stopwords:




about from never they
after get no this
all got now those
also has of through
an had on to
and he only too
another have or under
any her other up
are here our use
as him out very
at himself over want
be his re was
because how said way
been if same we
before in see well
being into should were
between is since what
both it so when
but its some where
by just still which
came like such while
can make take who
come many than will
could me that with
did might the would
do more their you
does most them your
each much then  
else must there  
for my these  
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