How do I tag documents?

If you have edit rights, you will be able to tag documents to create customizable index fields. You can either tag documents individually, or tag every document in the search through the "Group Tag" feature.  To individually tag a document, select the field you wish to tag in the metadata screen of an individual document to Tag the document.  Once tagged, the Tag in the metadata will change from Blue to Orange.  

To group tag, open the "Tool" pull down menu, then select Group Tag. A list of created tags will display on the group tag form.  Select the tag you want to apply, and click "Verify Tag".  This action will apply the tag to the ENTIRE search.  The "Group Tag" feature also gives the ability to include family members in group tagging.  To enable family members to be tagged, simply select the "Include Family Members" box on the form.

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    Alison Dennington

    need to have picture guide with each step
    otherwise, this doesn't make any sense to a new user - its just mumbo jumbo

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