OnDemand Universal Version 2.0 - Sept. 13th, 2014

We at CloudNine Discovery are happy to announce the release of 

OnDemand Universal Version 2.0!


-September 13th, 2014-

Announcing a new version of OnDemand, your online eDiscovery review software!  

Highlights Include:

New Table View

  • View metadata fields in a tabular view, with the ability to see the metadata for a group of documents at a time
  • Open a “pop-out” window for the currently selected document to view all available forms of the document via the tab interface
  • Ideal for users with dual monitors
  • Sort the result set by any viewed metadata field
  • Access this new feature through the Tools drop-down

New Native Tree View

  • View a “tree” folder view of the document collection based on the native path information
  •  ”Drill down” to a desired folder and tag the currently viewed documents in a folder or branch
  • Tag all currently viewed documents for the selected folder or branch
  • Ideal for reviewing PSTs in their original folder structure
  • Access this new feature through the Tools drop-down

Enhancements to Bulk Export

  • Apply Bates labels and custom labels to existing images for production
  • Export existing images in TIFF or PDF format
  • Create an industry standard load file
  • Export selected metadata fields to CSV or DAT format
  • Ability to delete bulk exports after download
  • Access this new feature through the tools drop-down
  • New Bulk Exports button on the project home page to directly access and download your exports

Other Interface Enhancements

  • New” Icon: “New” icon shows in the Project Selection form for new projects or new data in projects
  • Domain Search Criteria: Domain search criteria now available to enable quick selection of domains within the document collection
  • Greater Than or Equal To / Less Than or Equal To: New search operators to simplify range searched
  • Access the new features through the Search menu

These new features apply only to OnDemand Universal version, not to the “classic” version of OnDemand (version 11.5).  If your project uses OnDemand version 11.5 and you would like to upgrade to the OnDemand Universal version, please contact our Support department at (713)462-6464 or via email at

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