CloudNine April 19, 2016 Release


To:       CloudNine® Users

Date:    April 19, 2016

Re:        CloudNine April 2016 Release

Each new release will include release notes which provide details regarding the new and improved features available to you.  This release introduces three new features in CloudNine!  

One-Click Editing

The new version of CloudNine now enables you to simply click once to edit the text of a metadata field in order to add, edit, or delete information.  Changes will still be preserved upon clicking “Save” or discarded by clicking “Undo”. 

HTML Hit Highlighting

CloudNine has always featured hit highlighting in the text version of documents, and now we have extended that functionality to the HTML version as well. 

Image Hit Highlighting

In a very similar fashion to the new HTML Hit Highlighting feature, hits are also now highlighted on the Image version of a document.

For more details on these exciting new features, please review the attached document. If there are any questions about any of the new features in CloudNine® or would like to request other new features, please contact our Support department at (713) 462-6464 or via email at  Thanks for using CloudNine!

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